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5 essential tips to choose the right promotional item

How should we promote an upcoming event? Well the promotional item is there to increase your event visibility! But still you need to choose the right promotional item that will distinguish your event from others.   Offering a winter clothing in summer time or a measuring tape to someone who works in an office might not have the impact you’re looking for. Promotional item magazines are there to provide many ideas and suggestions to help you make the right choice.

To ensure a maximum of visibility with your promotional item, it is crucial to know what type of people are expected to attend your event.

Promotional items - Gifts

1. Who will be receiving your promotional item ?


Will the gift be offered to your employees or suppliers ? Is it an event to meet your actual customers or new prospects ?

Is it a gift intended for women or men ? It could have a major impact especially in clothing. For instance, you will offer a certain type of coat to a woman that would be different if offered to a man.

Promotional item - Coat

2. To which type of event is the promotional item intended to ?


The type of event will have a big impact on the choice of promotional items. If it is an event that expects a huge amount of people, you might want to choose an item to a large public at low price unlike if it is intended to a specific type of person. Or let’s say if your event promotes a product in the field of electronics, you might want to offer an electronic item.

Promotional item - Pen

3. Useful Item = Greater Visibility !


The aim of a promotional item is to promote your company. The item chosen has to interesting and useful to those who will receive it. For instance, if you offer a lint-free cloth to clean electronic screen with your logo on it, this item is frequently used and your logo exposed more often. Offering a day-to-day item, frequently exposed and daily used, is another great tip to remember !

If you decide to offer a more personalized item such as a softshell coat with your logo large format in the back, the person might not be willing to wear it, where as if the logo is smaller and at a right position. This way you ensure a greater possibility of free publicity !

Promotional item - Power bank

4. What are today’s trends for a corporate gift ?


The item has to fit with today’s trends. You have to make sure that the item still meet today’s needs this way the person will more likely use it and show it.

What’s mostly appreciated ? Water bottles are very popular with this healthy and fitness trend we are living by these times.

Offering ecological item is another way to distinguish yourself such as reusable bags. What a great item to maximize the visibility of your logo !

According to the Netendance survey from Cefrio, 57% of Quebec households possess a smart phone. For instance offering a charge kit among a huge variety of product now offered might likely be appreciated by your customer.

Don’t forget ! Choose an item that fits today’s trend !

Promotional item - Tote

5. Cost in Promotional Item


The cost you are willing to pay on promotional items will obviously depend on whether you want to offer it to a large amount of people or a smaller group. To help you make a wise choice please contact one of our experts or refer to our online catalog.

Which promotional item do you intend to choose next ?

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