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7 fascinating facts about the personalized embroidered cap

It’s always interesting to learn about clothing evolution. The daily clothing we wear day after day has something particular. We choose them carefully, their design is important and colours vary over the years. But how about the evolution of clothing up till now? The personalized embroidered cap has a fascinating history.


  1. Did you know that in the beginning of baseball, players were wearing either a straw hat or nothing on their head? The baseball cap as we know it today, had been introduced in 1860 by the baseball team the Excelsiors of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Excelsiors 1860
  1. Between 1910 and 1930, the baseball player Babe Ruth had democratized this piece of clothing. He wore it to hide from the sun in order to see the balls better. Fans were proud to wear their personalized embroidered cap from their favorite baseball team. This accessory is now officially part of the baseball player’s.  Besides, one of Babe Ruth’s caps which has his name embroidered inside had been sold for $328,000 at auction. Some caps are more expensive than others!


  1. By the end of the 80s and 90s, hip hop groups made the cap a must in Hip-hop stars have now made the baseball cap part of street culture. For many, the cap is a way to reflect their identity.


  1. Nowadays, the personalized embroidered cap is highly prized by people. According to the company New Era Canada, the official baseball cap supplier, the popularity of the Expos’ cap reached its peak a few years ago even though the team doesn’t exist anymore. Expos caps have been sold worldwide. Nowadays, this cap is made of polyester to ensure proper ventilation. Also, there is a black strip all around in the inside to absorb sweat, and a black visor underneath to prevent glare.
New Era logo
  1. It’s in 1954 that the 59fifty cap was created by New Era, also known as the « Brooklyn Style Cap ». It became the icon of the company’s success story. In 1986, New Era modified it to create the “Diamond” version. In 1993, New Era signed an exclusive contract that named it the official Major League Baseball cap supplier.


  1. And what about the always fashionable trucker cap with a curved visor and a net in the back, so easy to wear. It is higher than the baseball cap. It has been created at first for truckers and farmers. These caps with personalized embroidered agriculture supplier’s logos, like John Deer, were given to farmers. This was a good way to promote their company brand. In the 2000s, this type of cap became very famous among musical groups. Singers like Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake popularized it only by wearing it. And since then its popularity continues to grow.


  1. « Wearing a cap the whole day can make you bald” is a myth that still persists today. To become bald by wearing a cap, would only result if it were so tight as to obstruct blood circulation to hair follicle Who would suffer with a cap that tight?
New Era cap

Materials used in the design of a personalized embroidered cap


When buying a cap, it is important to consider the material used in its design. Materials such as cotton, wool, denim, nylon, acrylic or leather can be chosen. Each of these materials have their benefits and limitations. Cotton and wool with their natural fibre are comfortable. Leather and suede caps are more expensive and need specific care, but they last long and are very fashionable. Nylon and acrylic caps are the most famous especially in orders of larger quantities, because they are very resilient, the least expensive, and the easiest to manufacture.


We can find a huge variety of caps:

  • The trendy printed cap : it is extremely popular among young people. The colorful design stands out and much appreciated. It is worn on either special occasions or on a daily basis.
  • Designers promotional cap : the designers cap is very trendy. It is often used to promote a message or theme such as environmental awareness for instance. Its unique colors and design are loved by all.
  • Personalized embroidered cap : its has unique embroidered designs and logo. It is very stylish and different, and in great demand.
  • Promotional cap : it is a cap especially embroidered for a corporate event. The major goal of these cap is to promote a trend. This cap has a good impact on the people targeted. It serves that purpose of promoting a message or a trend in a natural and subtle way. Goal is than reached!

Promotional campaigns through the personalized embroidered cap


The personalized embroidered cap is by far one of the most used items in promotional campaigns. No doubt that clothing is still very popular to promote trends, but the cap has gained in popularity.


Personalized embroidered cap are a very convincing promotional approach for a company who wants to increase its popularity in the market. It is well adapted either for sports teams as it is  for business people, and one of the least expensive items to use in promotional campaigns.

Oakley and New Era caps

The personalized embroidered cap is a good way for sports teams to promote their identity. It is often seen in schools among students who wear this cap of their favorite or school sports team. It gives them an identity and a feeling of connection to the same team. It is crucial for a sports team to recruit and brand many fans to help them promote their image.


Thanks to new assistance by computer embroidering techniques and the progress in the area of silk screening, caps have become a very easy, efficient and stylish way to promote messages or ideas. Whether it shows a trend that we appreciate, political and social values, sports teams, musical groups or movie heroes, the cap is simple, practical, very popular and is for everyone’s taste.


What is your favorite personalized embroidered cap?

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