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The 7 marketing trends in 2017

The 7 Marketing Trends in 2017

It’s the New Year.¬† It is time to take a step back, to analyze all the things we did right during the past year in order to better define the marketing trends for the coming year.¬† What do we see on the horizon?¬† The market is changing, it is becoming modeled.¬† Through the Internet, customers are becoming more and more knowledgeable about products, services, ways of doing things, laws, and so on.¬† Customers have a clearer idea of what they are looking for.¬† In short, marketing is no longer the same as before.¬† New tools are in place.¬† Customers also use these new tools.¬† Here are 7 emerging marketing trends.


Pampering Our Customers


When I went to meet with my bank advisor to renew my mortgage, I realized that the best mortgage rate was only offered to new clients.  This strategy focuses on gaining new clients; which at certain times is necessary.  On the other hand, other strategies can be applied to your customers who have been faithful to you for a long time.


Let us change these mentalities.  Let’s offer the best to your long-time customers.  It is easier to maintain an established business relationship than to start over with a new customer.  Implementing practices aimed at increasing your existing customers’ loyalty is a way to save money, because acquiring a new customer is more expensive than reselling to an existing customer.  Retaining your customer base also ensures the sustainability of your business and helps your company grow.  You need to be obsessed with customer satisfaction.

Pampering our customers

Developing Skills Through Technology


Technology will play a key role in business transformation.¬† New marketers will have to develop their skills regarding technology, because they will have to better “listen” to their customers through digital signals and by analyzing customer behavior.¬† They will have to respond with well-adapted offers throughout the life cycle of a product or service.¬† Technology offers a better way to reach the customers and answer their questions.¬† Clients will have a feeling of closeness with the company because their requests will be answered faster and more accurately.¬† For example, with remarketing, a customer can receive a promotion after visiting a hotel website.¬† Because this promotion is well targeted, the customer is already interested, and it is easier to convince the customer to book a room at this hotel.


The cell phone brings you closer to your customers and video makes you more human.  It is up to you to learn how to use these tools appropriately.

Develop skills through technology

Offering Real, Authentic and Long-lasting Products


People are increasingly informed today.¬† This is why products must be real, authentic and long-lasting in order to satisfy your customers in the long term.¬† A study by the University of Arizona’s Center for Research on Sustainable Development concluded that during the last 20 years, the life span of computers has decreased from 10 to 5 years.¬† Consumers are tired of having to change their consumer goods in such a short time.


With global warming, consumers are more likely to buy products that last longer as these consumers want to do their part for the environment.  Consumers are even willing to pay more for a long-lasting product.  A study carried out by the European Economic and Social Committee shows that labelling products as long-lasting increased the sales of suitcases by 128% and of printers by 70%.


Long-lasting products are an increasingly strong marketing trend.  Reliable products will ensure customer loyalty.  And with these products, your company will benefit from positive advertising by word of mouth.  Word of mouth remains the best way to develop your network.  When a friend tells you that he likes a product, you are more inclined to buy the same product because you are sure of the product’s quality.


Offering long-lasting products also demonstrates that the company is responsible, and that it is more committed to our society.

Anticipating Customer Needs


Companies need to go above and beyond customers’ requirements. The entrepreneur must anticipate the clients’ needs even before they themselves know what they are.  Thanks to a more sophisticated and more detailed analysis of the customers’ behavior, entrepreneurs can anticipate their needs and model their offer accordingly.  Entrepreneurs who can adapt to this new reality will become the leaders in their field.


Customizing Our Approach and Our Service


The customization and sophistication of products and services will reach a new level. For example, Philips has developed a toothbrush that is able to detect problem areas in the mouth and better guide you during your brushing.  This toothbrush is equipped with sensors that tell the user where the brushing needs to be improved.  This is an example of product customization which is beneficial to the user.


There are different ways by which you can customize your approach.¬† The product can be customized, but marketing can be just as well.¬† Given that today you can get more information about your customers’ characteristics, lifestyle, and behavior, the messages you send them can be increasingly customized.¬† Who of us has never received an email from a site that addressed us by our first name?¬† And which offered you a product or service that you just looked up on the Internet?¬† By being more focused, the message or offer sent to a potential customer has more impact because this person is already interested in your product or service.¬† This way, we are already one step closer.


You must therefore analyse the statistics obtained from computer tools, such as the description of potential customers browsing your website, the most read pages, the most read messages on your Facebook page, and so on.  By establishing links with these statistics and cross-referencing the information, you can obtain a more specific and precise definition of the customer.


Diversifying Our Marketing Tools


Finding new ways to reach your customers, in their daily lives, through the channels they use. People are increasingly connected:  cell phones, tablets, computers.  In order to customize your service, you must use various means to reach different customers, depending on their lifestyle.  New channels emerge every week.  We must keep informed of these new developments and learn how they can be used.  You must understand how these new channels are used and how you can use them to benefit your company while delivering superior quality to your customers.

Diversifying Our Marketing Tools

Strategically Choosing Our Promotional Items


We must use promotional items strategically. We must label our products with different messages according to the customer.¬† For several years, you have been working towards brand recognition by offering quality products and quality services.¬† Nothing will harm your brand more than distributing a low quality product with your company‚Äôs name on it.¬† Choose a high quality product.¬† This product will show your customers how much you value your relationship with them.¬† Choose a product that is used regularly and frequently, a product that “Wows!” the user and this product will hit the mark:¬† increasing your brand‚Äôs visibility while giving it a positive image.

Follow the marketing trends!  Dare to change your methods in order to better reach your customer.


What are you going to test this year as a new marketing method?

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