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what is a B2B?

B2B (or B to B), is a short form standing for « Business to Business ». Designed to feature a simple online shopping concept for the product purchase process based on a client/supplier relation.

The service

Our PromoGroup authorized dealers have access to the actual plateform which enables them to create B2B online stores for their clients.
These online stores, totally reflecting the client’s corporate image, can suit both small or larger size enterprises.
This tool allows its registered users to purchase online promotional items and corporate apparel in the image of your company.

How does it work?

  1. Your PromoGroup authorized dealer creates an online store reflecting your corporate image.
  2. Your registered users (supervisors, employees, clients, etc.) will browse and purchase on your online store.
  3. The orders will be automatically summarized into a global one which can be sent, when you wish, directly to your sales representative.
  4. Your users will receive their orders which will increase your company visibility!

Some of the numerous advantages

  • Allows your users to shop online either with their allocated budget, credit card or simply billing the purchase.
  • A dedicated section enables a purchase manager to monitor users, budgets, delivery addresses, etc.
  • Access levels can be set, as well as preferred payment methods, visible items and delivery addresses according to each users.
  • For further information, feel free to contact us!

A business strategy leading to a take-off!

to propel your corporate image!

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