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Chocolate, a promotional product ?

Chocolate had long ago played a significant role in our society. If we look at the history of chocolate, we learn that cocoa beans have been used for trade and barter, to pay taxes or even to buy slaves. More than 1000 years BC, the Mayans were cultivating cocoa beans to make a hot foamy and bitter drink, often flavoured with vanilla, pepper and achiote, which they called Xocoatl.

Nowadays, where are we up to with chocolate?

Do we still use it to trade?

Can it be used as a promotional product?

Chocolate - Promotional product

Now we’re talking about a sensorial marketing approach which appeals to the consumer’s 5 senses when buying/learning a brand or service. The goal is to mainly seduce the consumer while stimulating his/her senses to positively influence behaviour toward a specific item.

Chocolate - Promotional product

Taste has always been used to sell food products. No wonder we see in supermarkets we see little booths with a nice presentation of new products where consumers are invited to taste them. For instance, if presented a nice delicious piece of cheese on a cracker, we cannot resist the opportunity to taste it. Or, have you ever purchased olive oil or balsamic vinegar at Oliv? As we enter the store, we are invited to taste strawberry and vanilla balsamic vinegar or coriander olive oil…. Mmmm yummy! Often we can’t resist to taste it and…we are more inclined to buy it!


Here’s another example. In the movie « Chocolate » directed by Lasse Hallström in 2001, it is the story of a chocolate maker who settles down with her daughter in a small French town. She develops recipes to suit the taste of each peasant, but a citizen tries to thwart her plans. When I watched this movie, I could almost smell the chocolate coming from my TV screen, and my taste buds wanted nothing more than chocolate! But, I planned in advance to have chocolate morsels with me while watching the movie and…I thoroughly savoured each piece!

Chocolate - Promotional product

As stated before, the sensorial marketing approach is to get the consumer into a well-being state of mind. Chocolate definitely has this impact on people. It elevates your mental concentration, and makes you heart beat faster than a kiss. Who doesn’t like chocolate?


Gourmet gifts are always successful. They are used to promote your company’s identity but will also become entrenched in the mind of consumers. Did you know that 62% of Canadian Companies will use chocolate to give thanks to their customers and/or employees? Chocolate had always and will always be of sound value.

Chocolate - Promotional product

Another important thing to consider is to distinguish yourself. Imagine your customer receives your box of retail chocolates identical to that of another gift received. Branding the chocolate box or the chocolate itself, will distinguish you on a higher level of sophistication and point of difference from that of your competitors.

Chocolate - Promotional product

For instance, when you exhibit at a trade show or a convention, we usually promote everything appealing to the eye to distinguish us as much as possible from other exhibitors. If the flyers and business cards remain essentials in order to make ourselves known, it is also recommended to use new communication supports, more attractive, desired and memorable.


Did you know that Canadians are eating 12 pounds of chocolate every second? By offering a chocolate, we ensure that our corporate gift will achieve its goal: create a sweet memory in our customers’ thoughts. When multiplying promotional products, you increase the chances to shine even more among the participants. Seize the opportunity to attract the participants by offering a promotional product like chocolate and make sure they remember you next year!

Chocolate - Promotional product

Chocolate is a convincing (and delicious) promotional product leaving your consumer or prospects with a melt-in-your-mouth experience! You couldn’t be any closer to them! Put your name on everybody’s tongue!

Chocolate - Promotional product

I hope you enjoyed a little piece of chocolate while reading this article… for my part I will immediately have one!

To whom would you like to give a chocolate gift with your logo?


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