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Ecological promotional items

How can an eco-friendly promotional item create a buzz around my brand image ?

What could be the value add of an eco-friendly promotional item for customers?  What impact can this item have on a company’s brand?

Let’s start by stating what an eco-friendly promotional item can be. In such an item, all manufacturing levels have taken into consideration an environmental concern, whether the raw materials used to produce the item, its production process itself, or its durability etc., the concerns are the entire product lifecycle.

For instance, if a manufacturer uses recycled packaging and can eliminate overwrapping the product, its negative ecological footprint becomes even more diminished. Customers tend to consider their carbon footprint within their purchase and the effect upon the environment. We all want clean water to drink, fresh air to breathe, and to cultivate our fruit, vegetables and grains on rich soil.

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But how do we find a real eco-friendly promotional item?


A few hints have to be taken into consideration when purchasing. The chosen item must be of good quality. Do not purchase for instance an item that breaks too easily, or an imprint on an item that disappears over time, or cloth that loses its original form.

Also, the promotional item has to be useful. People are now looking for useful items that have a durable design. The item has to be used often, otherwise it will be forgotten. We have seen so many promotional items be tossed to waste with use only a few times after being received.

The material used in the manufacture of the item is an important consideration. Nowadays, we see many products made of recycled materials. In the past few years, we have seen plastic used in the manufacture of polar jackets or running shoes, rubber used in calendars or briefcases, or glass for different types of containers. Besides, glass is one of the most durable materials, and can be indefinitely recycled.

Here we talk about the product, but the ecological wrapping/packaging is also very important to consider. We have to look at the recycling symbols on the packaging such as the MOBIUS circle. Ecological products can be clothing made of organic cotton or bamboo for instance. Therefore, this eco-friendly clothing will have the perception of higher quality, than if made of traditional regular cotton. New materials are evolving in the ecological universe. To be aware of them might help you make a better choice of your next eco-friendly promotional item.

Studies reveal that 86% of Canadians are concerned about responsible consumption, even occasionally.

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What is the purpose of distributing eco-friendly promotional items?


The promotional item is a marketing means of communicating a brand, message or logo. We want to let people know that we are concerned about the environment when offering an ecological product. With all the present climatic changes we see, people tend to be more concerned about their health and the health of the planet. 51.8% of Canadians would tend to use an eco-friendly product versus traditional when choosing.

 Now, we see in our society growing consideration given towards companies involved in environmental and social concerns.  An environmental concern in your marketing strategy will make a difference in a customer’s choice. Responsible consumption is steadily increasing. People want to be a part of it, so we are there to help them choose promotional items that are recyclable, reusable, environmentally-friendly and biodegradable. The eco-friendly product category purchases represent the highest growth each year across all categories (increase of 42.1% between 2010 and 2011). The 2015 responsible consumption barometer reveals that 43.5% of Canadians have changed to a more environmental brand/product in the last year.

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What would be the impact on your company’s brand if using eco-friendly promotional items?


People are more and more concerned about the environment and therefore their health. Consequently, a company who projects environmental concerns is highly regarded in general by its customers. For instance, Tesla has a very strong social responsibility identity. Most recently, the announcement and pre-booking of a new electric vehicle model, produced more than 114,000 reservations and deposits in North America. Tesla produces ecologically responsible products, and reduces its environmental footprint by modifying the process and use of alternative energy options (mostly electrical). This company is constantly looking to improve their process in regard to the environment.

Use the eco-friendly promotional item to promote your environmental concern. This is a marketing strategy to enhance your company’s brand. Promoting your eco-friendly position will bring you benefit on many levels, including a positive perception from customers. Even hiring employees will become easier, because people are more interested in working for companies with environmental concerns.

The brand image of a company is reflected by what people see and think of it. Working on your corporate identity is a long-term process but worth it. You will be considered as respectful to the environment, and people will prefer your company as a consequence. Statistics show that eco-friendly companies brands are trusted more, and respected by the customer. They feel encouraged and want to be part of this environmental practice. Moreover, if customers respect your company, they will have only good things to say about it! Word of mouth remains one of the strongest and positive publicity strategies in the market.

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Choosing an eco-friendly promotional item makes you worthy of good perceptive values in your company. An image or item can reveal a lot about your company, such as the culture and vision of it. A promotional item is being distributed amongst many people, and your corporate identity along with it. It is a means of communication between your customer and you, so please choose carefully. Moreover, an eco-friendly promotional item will enhance your trust value with your customers, prospects, distributors, and employees. It is a very strong means of communication. The message will be a constant reminder, and distinguish you from the competition. Having an ecofriendly message to promote will make all the difference in your company’s brand.


What will be your next eco-friendly promotional item?

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