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The 7 Marketing Trends in 2017

It's the New Year.  It is time to take a step back, to analyze all the things we did right during the past year in order to better define the marketing trends for the coming year.  What do we see on the horizon?  The market is changing, it is becoming modeled.  Through the Internet, customers [...]

How can an eco-friendly promotional item create a buzz around my brand image ?

What could be the value add of an eco-friendly promotional item for customers?  What impact can this item have on a company’s brand? Let’s start by stating what an eco-friendly promotional item can be. In such an item, all manufacturing levels have taken into consideration an environmental concern, whether the raw materials used to produce [...]

Chocolate, a promotional product ?

Chocolate had long ago played a significant role in our society. If we look at the history of chocolate, we learn that cocoa beans have been used for trade and barter, to pay taxes or even to buy slaves. More than 1000 years BC, the Mayans were cultivating cocoa beans to make a hot foamy [...]
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