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When we only have 5 seconds to promote our corporate image…

Today everything becomes mobile … even publicity. Wrapping on vehicles is mobile publicity that is eye-catching, and visually compelling that will leave an impact on peoples’ memory.   Every morning, I see my neighbour’s car with the wrapping of his company. It is now strongly embedded into my memory, and even if I know by [...]

The 9 Essentials on a Packing Checklist

Knowing exactly what to bring on vacations is often a daunting task for any traveler. What do we put on a packing checklist ?  Where do we begin ? Packing our suitcase can be really exciting because you know that pretty soon you’ll be out travelling somewhere. But this thrilling time can become a real [...]

New Year healthy resolutions : Why not suggest a corporate sport apparel ?

Oh ! Oh !  With the Holidays behind, tired of having run out to so many parties, eating, drinking, not sleeping enough and above all with exhausted kids.   Back to work, we feel more tired and the boss might notice the lack of enthusiasm from his employees… Why not offer a corporate sport apparel [...]

Top 5 of 2015 most popular corporate gifts

November just took place, Christmas decorations begin to appear in boutiques, the weather is getting colder… and Holidays are knocking at our door ! This year, we’ll be celebrating once again Christmas on December 25th. Like the majority of people, you must be pretty busy, begging to have more than 24 hours in a day [...]

5 essential tips to choose the right promotional item

How should we promote an upcoming event? Well the promotional item is there to increase your event visibility! But still you need to choose the right promotional item that will distinguish your event from others.   Offering a winter clothing in summer time or a measuring tape to someone who works in an office might [...]
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