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The 9 Essentials on a Packing Checklist

Knowing exactly what to bring on vacations is often a daunting task for any traveler. What do we put on a packing checklist ?  Where do we begin ?

Packing our suitcase can be really exciting because you know that pretty soon you’ll be out travelling somewhere. But this thrilling time can become a real nightmare at a last minute rush particularly if you have no idea what to bring… That is why you need to be well prepared and organized by regrouping all essentials on a checklist.

While organizing your list, it is important to establish the key items in order not to overload the suitcase. We often tend to bring too many things that may not always be useful. Who has not come back from vacations and realize all the stuff brought that was not used or worn ?  Obviously, there are many aspects to be considered such as the climate and the environment.  If for instance you plan to stay on the beach, the key items might be different as if you are going hiking in a tropical forest. You also have to think of the space you might need for gifts and souvenirs that you intend to bring back.

To help you through this, here are the 9 essentials to put on your packing checklist :



1.  Hand luggage and small suitcase


The first essentials to put on your checklist are a hand luggage and a small suitcase.  These can be easily store in the baggage compartment above the traveller’s seat on the plane.  The format allows you to put all essentials in case of delays or lost of your main luggage.  For instance, you can put underwear, few cloths for day and evening or bathing suit to make sure that in both cases you can be enjoying the first days of your vacations !

Suitcase with wheels - Hand bag

2.  Luggage Scale


When travelling, you need to be careful not to exceed the permitted weight because you could have to pay extra fees.  You can always wear several layers of clothing but that might not be really comfortable !  To avoid exceeding the maximal weight, think about using a portable luggage scale.  It’s an economical way to know exactly your luggage weight without having to take out the bathroom scale !

Luggage scale

3.  Passport Holder


When travelling and being far away from home, it’s crucial to carry with you all the compulsory documents needed in case of problem or emergency.  A very practical and useful item to add to your checklist is the passport holder.  This item will regroup all important documents such as :

  • Passport
  • Identity cards (health insurance, driving licence)
  • Flight ticket
  • International driving licence
  • Cheque cards
  • Travel insurance documents (health, luggage, travel cancellation)
  • Pen
  • Vaccination record


Here’s a useful hint : make a photocopy of your identity documents and put them in a different place than the passport holder, such as a pocket of your luggage.  You can also scan them by email to make sure you still have them in case of thief.

Passeport holder

4.  Toiletry Case and Containers


There are tons of different types of toiletry cases, but the one you can hang on a hook is by far the most practical and lest clumsy in travel.  Little hint here: bring only the essentials and use compact/travelling format or samples you can easily find in any drugstore.  That way you will save on space and on weight. You can also transfer your favorite products in 100 ml containers especially made to carry on a plane.

Don’t forget to bring all necessary medications.  It is not always easy to explain your illness symptoms in a different language.

Toiletry Case and Containers

5.  Microfiber Towels


The microfiber towel is a key element to bring in travel because it is tiny and dry very quickly therefore preventing bad smells in your luggage.  It is especially useful for beach vacations because it takes less place and can be used for shower as well as on the beach.

Microfiber Towels

6.  Portable Charger for Electrical Devices


People often use their mobiles devices in travel such as cellphone or tablet.  They are usually used to entertain but also as light, alarm clock, calculator, music, internet access, GPS, camera, etc.  Therefore, you need to make sure they don’t run out of battery.  Portable charger are very useful because they can recharge your electrical devices everywhere at any time.

Portable Charger

7.  Travel Notebook and Pen


Whether you like to write down your travelling activities or simply to immortalize your adventures, it is always useful to carry a little notebook.  It can be used for example to write down important phone numbers, hotel addresses, confirmation numbers or travelling sites you plan on to visit !

Travel Notebook and Pen

8.  Travel Mug


If you are travelling in an all inclusive formula, the number one item to bring is a travel mug.  You can therefore carry your beverage and keep them cold all day long.  Also, the mug format is much bigger than the little plastic glass given in such resorts. Moreover, the plastic glasses contribute to “8 millions of tons of plastic contaminants found yearly in the ocean. And we know that plastic demands 400 to 1000 years to disintegrate.” explains Evelyne Daigle, biologist at Biodôme de Montréal.  So let’s contribute to reduce this environmental catastrophe.

Travel mug

9.  Plug Adaptor


When travelling in a different country, it is important to know what type of plug and electric current you will find because you may not be able to use your electrical appliances and/or simply damage them.  To bring a plug adaptor is one essential to put on your checklist !

Plug adaptor

So, what item would you put on top of a packing checklist?

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