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Top 5 of 2015 most popular corporate gifts

November just took place, Christmas decorations begin to appear in boutiques, the weather is getting colder… and Holidays are knocking at our door ! This year, we’ll be celebrating once again Christmas on December 25th. Like the majority of people, you must be pretty busy, begging to have more than 24 hours in a day and probably delaying the purchase of employees’ and customers’ gifts. You know that soon or later you will have to order your corporate gifts but if you wait too long you might not have the item you’re looking for. Don’t worry, our PromoGroup expert advisors are there to help you to select THE RIGHT ITEM !

How do we choose properly in this wide range of promotional items ? Our “Top 5 of 2015 most popular corporate gifts” blog is there to guide you through this process !




Technological items are a must. People use them on a regular basis. At home, at work or during a walk, we use technological in almost every daily activities. Offering a technolgical item is a wise choice. Suggestions proposed by PromoGroup are the following:

Power bank – Very useful to recharge any electronic devices anytime and anywhere.

Corporate gift - Power bank

Bluetooth speaker – Used on a regular basis, this item is very successful and much valued.

Corporate gift - Bluetooth speaker



Cocooning spirit is back ! Lighting a fire in a fireplace, watching a movie wrapped in a blanket or receiving family and friends for dinner, this trend, defined by the word “hiving”, shows that people spend more time at home cooking for themselves or for others. Many cooking TV shows have emerged with this growing in popularity way of life. A cooking item will therefore be a good choice to consider in your corporate gifts. Suggestions proposed by PromoGroup are the following:

Laguiole® Knife Set – Of high quality and very useful when cooking good meals.

Corporate gift - Knives kit

Cups Gift Set – Very thoughtful gift that can be identified !



Who doesn’t travel at least once a year ? With these cold and long lasting winters, who wouldn’t escape for a week or two in tropical weather ? Or simply discovering the world and its many cultures ? Traveling is raising in popularity in the last years and the field of promotional item has developed many useful ideas for travelers. Suggestions proposed by PromoGroup are the following:

Suitcase with wheels – An ultralight and rigid Bugatti suitcase, perfect to travel by plane.

Corporate gift - Suitcase with wheels

Cosmetic case – Very useful for short-term stay or long-term travel.



Red, white or rose, wine is there for significant moments. Do you know that we offer various items other than the traditional wine cup ? Suggestions proposed by PromoGroup are the following:

2 in 1 Glass – Very trendy ! You can either serve wine or any cocktails !

Corporate gift - 2 in 1 glass

Wine Cooler Stick – A sophisticated alternative to the regular ice bucket.

Corporate gift - Wine cooler stick



You think items for vehicle might not be appreciated ? Think again ! People spend increasingly more time in their vehicle, so they need the right and the appropriate items ! Vehicle items are nowadays very popular. Suggestions proposed by PromoGroup are the following:

Portable Charger – The most powerful charger on the market ! Can be used to recharge a vehicle battery or any other electronic devices, such as a cellphone !

Corporate gift - Portable charger

Double USB Hub for Vehicle – Very useful item to be used on a daily basis to recharge your MP3/MP4. cellphone or any other portable electronic devices.

Corporate gift - Double USB hub

What’s your favorite 2015 promotional item ?

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