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Lettrage sur camion

When we only have 5 seconds to promote our corporate image…

Today everything becomes mobile … even publicity. Wrapping on vehicles is mobile publicity that is eye-catching, and visually compelling that will leave an impact on peoples’ memory.


Every morning, I see my neighbour’s car with the wrapping of his company. It is now strongly embedded into my memory, and even if I know by heart what is written.  I can’t help but read it again and again as I see it. Every time, I read his company’s tag-line, name, phone number and website. Even asleep, some images of the car appear in my mind and I am still able to read the website address.  During the day, some words that people say take me back to the image of the lettering.

Wrapped vehicule

Publicity on a vehicle is very powerful, because it is seen repeatedly and so it contributes to the memorization and creates a habit. Let’s take a company that owns a fleet. By wrapping each of the vehicles, it emphasizes its visual presence in the public eye. What do we all do when following a vehicle with wrapping on it?  We read it!  And it might happen that sometimes it makes you think of something you need, and you will take note of the phone number or website.


Some wrapping will peak our curiosity and lead us to go onto their website to learn more. Maybe we just discovered a product that we have been looking for!


How is it possible to achieve this impact? We call this technique “wrapping” the vehicle. The vehicle is entirely covered with a plastic wrap with a design printed on it. This plastic wrap can be opaque, perforated, metallic, chrome-plated, textured, fluorescent, in glossy or matte finish. By its very flexibility, the plastic wrap can be installed on every types of vehicle.

Wrapped car

A vehicle can be partially or entirely wrapped. It can be only the back or the doors of a truck, and even with a partial wrapping it is possible to have a powerful message.

A half wrapped vehicule

The exposure of the message is also possible for periodical events such as festivals. A few weeks before the event, we see the information such as the date, time and location published on vehicles. This has an excellent impact. As the event ends, the wrapping can be taken off.


How are these advertisings conceptualized? The creative concept can be developed by the client himself or a graphic designer.


Wrapping on vehicles is a very valuable marketing tool. But first, we need to go through these questions:


What is the wrapping objective?

To whom is the wrapping intended?

What is the message to be transmitted?

What is its profitability/ROI?



What is the wrapping objective?


The objective varies with every company. Some would want to promote a new product as others would rather make their company know to their public or simply looking for new clients.


A well-defined objective will enable us to select a better strategy and use of the wrapping technique.


The success of the established strategy depends on a well-defined objective. At the end of the project, it is necessary to analyse if the strategy brought a considerable return on investment.


To whom is the wrapping intended to target?


Defining the target customer is crucial. The message can be seen by everyone, but intended for a specific clientele. It is important to include aspects that will retain their attention.


 What is the message to be transmitted?


It is crucial to use images in wrapping because drivers only have few seconds to read what is exposed on a vehicle. “A picture is worth a thousand words”. It is therefore important to properly select the images to support the message, and choose high resolution because they will be printed in a super large size! Few words are needed for the slogan: it has to be short and concise for better impact. Do not to forget that the message has to be eye-catching and attractive.


The message has to touch on emotions. This is the best way to access the targeted customers. For a message to be retained, it has to deal with emotions and reactions such as laugh, smile, or curiosity for instance.

The type of vehicle has to be chosen to fit with the message. For example, on a small electrical car, it is well suited to see publicity of biological agriculture, rather than an advertising of a gas company!


Playing with colors and choosing eye-catching visuals, you increase your chances to be seen. The graphic designer can be very helpful at this stage because of his experience in dealing with ideas and colors to propose and develop various concepts.



What is its profitability? 


It is important to measure your investment. We have to define tools to enable us to measure the return on investment. Do we have more customers since using wrapping on vehicles? Have the sales increased? Is there a direct correlation with an increase of website referencing?


It is important to measure if this investment was significant enough.


Some interesting statistics :

Statistics - Wrapped vehicules

Wrapping is more affordable than publicity in a newspaper. There are more people who will see your advertising on a vehicle than in a newspaper, and will last longer than a week! To make it more affordable, park your vehicle in an event that draws a large number of people such as a festival.


Wrapping can last between 5 and 6 years. The weather such as sun or rain, can affect the quality, so to make it last longer, you might want to choose high quality standard products. You might ask that the vinyl used to be laminated. Your brand must always be stunning!

Wrapped trailer

To ensure maximum impact, make sure you deal with professionals that will develop the perfect concept for you.

Make yourself eye-catching and memorable!


Following a first post of this article, I have received pictures of wrapped vehicules from some companies.  I am happy to share them with you :

Wrapped vehicule button

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